I think this class should be exactly what it seems to be. It’s much different than I was expecting, but in a good way. I had envisioned an old man in a tweed jacket saying, “Now class, this is a mouse….”. In all fairness Mister Bill, was wearing a brown jacket. Ha ha. But really, I enjoyed today, it opened up new avenues of thought, and not just about computers, but about our world as a whole.

Do you ever get that lost at sea feeling? That’s a little how I feel right now in general. This is my first time blogging, let alone blogging about college as this is only my second day. If I could learn one thing from this class, I would like it to be whatever gets rid of that lost feeling when you go to get on a computer! I would like to gain familiarity.


There’s also something that was briefly mentioned that got my attention, and that is how to “keep up” with technology, and the constant change. My husband is amazing at “keeping up”, and I have no idea how. He’s always with me or working and yet he always knows about the new gadgets. Mister Bill said we’d be learning about the Mac OS, and my first thought was, what in the heck is that? For all I know it’s a new bicycle that motors you around on voice commands (not really that far-fetched), but I’m sure Ian (my husband) knows all about it, who thought it up, when it came out, ect. So! That is definitely something I want to learn. How do we keep up in an ever changing world, and not just keep up, but influence where we are going, as a country, as just everyday people in a fast paced world.


Phew! All that said I’m looking forward to this class, and this semester with high hopes!