What do you want to learn in Digital Literacy?

Wow! Since the dawn of my educational career, I believe not one of my classes have asked me this question. Hmm… what do I want to learn? I suppose if I were to give a full understanding of what digital knowledge I crave for, first I would have to know for myself.  For starters, I know my pal PC pretty well, We first met in the fourth grade  (Oh, were we ever that young), and have been working together ever since.  But now that I have reached college and my goal is to receive a degree in IDEA; PC is having a hard time assisting me and that’s where MAC comes in. So back to the question I would like the chance to learn as much of the MAC so I may better help myself to my goals. Second lesson I would want to learn is how to advance myself in both PC/MAC for the IDEA program. I, lately, have been wanting my own personal MAC but I have perfectly fine PC. It may sound silly but I am afraid to neglect my PC. (crazy… i know)

Hmm… Not too crazy you are still sane in my opinion. (if a computer can have an opinion) What was that? Oh nothing. To be honest what I want to learn in Digital Literacy is everything. When I say everything I mean anything dealing with the digital world: Design, Media, Literature, etc,. I am really excited for this class I can’t wait to get started. So your mission if you choose to accept it is to teach me how to will the digital power!

“I Got The Pow..ER!!