Dear Senator

I am writing as  concerned voter who wishes to speak out against SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act and Pipa, the Protect IP Act. I am against these bills for several reasons, first off Internet internet theft of piracy is not actual stealing it is theoretical stealing, and last I checked you can not charge someone with a theoretical crime. At most online “piracy” can be looked at as copyright infringement, which is a very different thing, furthermore it is been shown that copyright violators who view or download music and movies illegally also spend more per year on movies and music than people who don’t download illegally. The next reason I disagree with SOPA is that if passed the bill could completely negate the core ideals of the internet. The reason that the internet is one of mans greatest achievements is that it allows anyone with a computer and an internet connection to be in communication with anyone else that has internet access, which allows  the sharing of thoughts and ideas on a scale that has never been possible before. Without a free internet people would be forced to only communicate in specific ways or about specific things which would foster stagnation and cancel the progression of ideas. Therefore I ask you to stand up against SOPA and PIPA, not only for American freedoms but also for everyone around the world who values a free internet.