Spam! Computer Virus! Phishing! Boo!

Actually during this Christmas break I experience my first worst computer mishap. My laptop had caught a virus, so I took it in to Staples (where I got the laptop) and they did a check. I thought to myself, “Oh, it’s just going to take a few hours, that’s not too bad.” Than computer tech- Ted came out and told me I had 1064 or so small viruses and spyware. How can 1064 be a small number?  (Shrugs shoulders.) So instead of it taking a few hours it took my whole break, which I am glad it did. My computer got swiped cleaned and also got new updates to make it feel better. I learned how to better manage my computer. The creepy thing about the spyware was that someone from Europe was monitoring everything that I did on my computer (Eek!! That really freaked me out). It is amazing how much trouble you can get yourself in.  Ted had advised me to not use any applications on Facebook, also to be careful about what I downloaded from the internet.  I got Norton 360 on my computer and every week I scan that along with an anti-spyware.  So far now my laptop is running much better. I am more careful on the internet. I advise you all to be careful on what you click on.