One of the most memorable viruses that I could remember is the “I love you” virus. People would receive an email with the subject that said “I Love You”. As soon as you opened the attachment that came with the email it would infect your computer. It would also send the email to all your contacts in an attempt to infect everybody else. I remember this being on the news a lot when I was younger and its the first virus that came to my mind when we were told to write a blog about viruses. (ILOVEYOU)

From personal experience, my laptop has been infected by several viruses. They all came from music websites. I had to completely restart my computer from scratch every time. I had to call Dell customer service and they fixed my computer through the internet. There was one occasion where I had to call them twice because they hadn’t removed the virus the first time. Its stressful and annoying when this happen, but I guess its the price you pay when you download free music. Its sad to say, but its gotten to the point where I know what to do to restart my computer without having to call dell customer service. These virus incidents have also made me back everything up to an external hard drive and it was been very beneficial for me. Losing everything on my computer now would not stress me out as it would a couple years ago. Im hoping that this class teachers me even more about preventing viruses and removing them. I also want to know how to stay safe and know what websites are safe. I heard viruses are mostly designed for PCs and not Macs. I look forward to talking more about this in class.