Well I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences with viruses…the really bad kind, that take over your screen, and entire computer, and pop up with adds wanting your credit card information every 25 seconds. The sad thing is, I don’t even know what I pressed!! My computer just zombified itself. Luckily, they have some pretty good instructions on getting rid of such things on YouTube. Thank God for YouTube…and antivirus software that I no longer let expire. It’s really too bad that everyone is out to get everyone else for money, or personal gain of some sort…I’m not really sure what kind of gain comes from some of these things anyway. It seems like a creepy underworld of sickly computer cells out there and you never know what you might “catch”. Maybe the Matrix is real and we’re all worried about the wrong things, maybe the viruses are “glitches” from some rogue program. Notice how the terminology is the same?

To me, Spam, Phishing and Viruses seem absolutely pointless, but I guess if you’re some Nigerian who just made five thousand bucks off of a scam you probably feel differently. It’s crazy how gullible people can be. I’ve known people at different times that have been, or almost been, duped into sending random strangers money, or bank account information. YIKES. So while it all seems superfluous to me, it could be very dangerous, and life shattering if you weren’t on your guard. I don’t understand the “watching” you stuff. What is that about? I had one of those things…I’m not that interesting, trust me. Hope they had fun checking my email with me. Yea.