The digesting duck was created by Jacques de Vaucanson in 1739. The duck supposedly swam, dived, drank, flapped its wings and ate. As I researched, I discovered that each wing contained over 400 moving parts which is still a mystery today on how that worked. The most impressive feature about the automated duck is that it even digested its food, particularly pieces of grain or corn. The duck didn’t actually digest the food though.  The duck would “eat” the food and was stored inside the duck. When the duck “ate” the food, a white substance, that was already stored inside the duck, would come out to make it seem like the duck actually digested the food.  This trick actually fooled a lot of people and kept everybody thinking on how the duck would “digest” its food. Its sad to say that the original duck was actually lost in a fire. Only images remain today. It was still a great piece of work and one that is obviously still remembered. A lot of people don’t know what the Duck actually looked like. Ill post two pictures. One of what people think the digesting duck looks like and one of what it really looks like.

This is what most people think the Digesting Duck looks like.

This is what people think the "Digesting Duck" looks like

This is how the Original Digesting Duck really looks like.


This is how the Original Digesting Duck really looked like..