One computing device I found interesting was the mechanical Turk. The Turk was a machine made by Wolfgang von Kempelen to impress Maria Theresa in the late 1700’s. The body parts of the Turk that were visible were from top to torso. The Turk wore a turban with robes of a deep blue (the original only). The Turk was described to have grey eyes and a beard as an effect to make him look wise. (Apparently this look made challengers imagine the Turk man to be alive.)

 The mechanical Turk was one of the first inventions of man verses machine. The battle “machine” and man were involved in was a classic game of chess. The Mechanical Turk traveled around Europe and American—the Turk won victories over Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon. The machine was built to hold a small individual inside the cabinet to control the Turk, also to create an illusion that the machine was made to work automatically.  Some called the creation magic but was it magic or science at its best?  

Maybe it was science at its best. Once the last owner of the Mechanical Turk passed, Scientist took apart the machine and discovered the excellent work before its time. Soon many remakes were built up; through each new one produced advancement to where there was no more need of a chess genius inside the cabinet controlling the Turk.