The mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, was accidentally found in 1901, so why are we just now almost able to interpret all of it’s functions? Named after the island it was found off of, and known as one of the first computers, the Antikythera Mechanism was used to compute astronomical positions. Recently a replica was built, and it’s pattern still works flawlessly today. The device is the most sophisticated machine of it’s time, and there is nothing to rival it for another thousand years after it was made.You use a dial to designate a future date, and the mechanism computes the position of the stars, and the five planets that were known around the time it was built (87-100 BC). When it was found in 1901 there was no existing technology to uncover it’s purpose. Which brings me to this question…how did we lose so much knowledge? We lost Rome, and the Dark Ages began, that’s how. We lost years of knowledge, and it’s taken 2000 years, more or less, to regain it. Barbarians invaded, cleanliness was underrated, and plagues went rampant. The science, math, and medicine pioneered by the Romans and their empire was lost. Books on devices such as this were forever forgotten. Now that we are regaining ancient wisdom, what will we do with it? The Antikythera Mechanism predicted everything from solar eclipses, to the olympiad (a four year cycle of olympic games). With our technology today we are headed towards A.I., and cloning, among other strange things. If you ask me, we’re missing out on the importance of the life we already have. We seem to have our heads so far in the clouds that we’ve forgotten what’s at our feet. Every great empire falls…just a thought. Maybe the empire of Rome wasn’t what was important, but the things that the empire’s existence lead to were, from the Antikythera Mechanism, and aqueducts, to concrete. Although Greece is where the mechanism was created, it was, at the time, part of the Roman Empire. Ironically, in the Siege of Syracuse, a roman soldier unknowingly, and against orders killed Archimedes, who is thought to have come up with the prototypes that lead to the Antikythera Mechanism. What are we destroying versus pioneering with our knowledge and technology? What will we leave behind?

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