I’ve never personally payed much attention to copyright or patent laws….I’m not an inventor, I don’t write songs, why would these laws matter to me? I recently watched the project, “Everything is a Remix”, and it changed my mind. It seems the original copyright and patent acts were intended to promote creativity, and invention. These days copyright is used as a policeman to make sure no one can use your ideas, but ideas are rarely something new. The best ideas of all time have been built on ideas that came before. More minds working over one idea leads to faster evolution of that one idea. If we lock people out of our ideas, our ideas may never reach their full potential. Copyright laws today circle back to profit, after all, everyone wants to be rich, and powerful. Copyright was to protect the inventors of former times from being beat by competition, but only for a set amount of time, once they made a profit, and after a set time, the idea was opened to competitors. Now when it comes time for copyright to expire you can just extend it…like Disney. God forbid that someone else draw Mickey Mouse and make five bucks. I wonder if I can even legally use his name in this blog without giving some sort of credit to Disney. Unfortunately, instead of promoting creativity, and art we are crippling ourselves with greed. How can a society move forward without working together? I’m not for stealing other peoples ideas and making a profit, but what ever happened to working together? What happened to sharing, and the common good? I’m not saying people should get free rides on others work either…definitely not. I’m just saying overall it’s too bad that our focus has gone so askew. People are beginning to resemble pigs scrambling over each other at the swine bucket. So, in closing, I believe that in the beginning copyright was our friend, but now it has slowly evolved into something entirely different. We need to rework the sick system. For now, copyright resembles a foe, a foe to creativity, inventions, and ingenuity.