I never really thought that copyright was a serious issue. I didn’t think much about it and I guess it never really mattered to me since it doesn’t directly effect me. I was shocked and really impressed at how much of todays work is actually copied. The videos we saw in class, “Everything is a Remix”, really opened up my eyes. It seems that every song, and movie is based on something that was previously created. The video made connections to movies and songs that I never would’ve noticed on my own. I do find some of these copyright laws unfair though. Whoever created the original version of a song or a movie should automatically have the rights to their creations. Then the owners of these ideas should have the option to lend their ideas to other people. What I believe is completely wrong and unethical is when people steal ideas from the original owners and use dumb copyright laws to own other people’s ideas. People shouldn’t be allowed to take credit for other people’s work and I don’t get why people are allowed to do this. Its very unfair to the people who started from scratch and worked hard to create that movie or certain beat to a song. How can we let people do this when we are taught since day one of school to not copy other peoples work? After watching the videos, it made me wonder how many of my favorite movies and songs were copied from other movies and songs. Maybe its just a few scenes, a few lyrics, part of a beat but in some way or another nothing seems original anymore. If were going to use other peoples creations, the least we could do is give the original artists credit for what they’ve done. I understand that a lot of times well copy work to modernize it, or make it better, or improve it in some way or another. We grow from using other people’s ideas and many times its what people want especially when it comes to movies and songs. I completely support all of that but we shouldn’t be allowed to take credit for work that isn’t ours. Credit should be given to the original artists and copyright laws shouldn’t be the way to take that away from them.  This is very interesting and I would love to learn more about this. Hopefully we talk about it again in class.