A civil society, put simply, is a society where all people living in the society treat each other with mutual respect, and do not seek power over one another. Mutual respect first comes from respecting yourself, and to respect yourself you have to value yourself. In The United States, and subsequently on the internet there is a lack of civility towards one another, and towards ourselves. The United States was built on civility and freedom, but since 1787 when the United States Constitution was signed there has been a fluctuating decline in morals and ethics in general. This decline in morals has in turn greatly effected the notion, and sustainability of a civil society. Besides the general moral decline, there has been a great loss of respect, and value of life. I believe this comes from the development of the idea that humans come from nothing, and are bound to turn back into nothing. What a hopeless outlook. If there is no purpose to life, and everything is happenstance, if you come from nothing, and essentially are…nothing, how do you value your own existence? I believe there has been a loss of hope on a larger scale than is acknowledged or admitted. Because of hopelessness and a core belief of insignificance people on a large scale have lost the ability to value themselves, and in turn, others, which leads to disrespect in all of it’s hideous forms. We seem to want to deal with symptoms instead of root causes. Let’s face it, dealing with civil society in general is much simpler, and ruffles less feathers than dealing with moral degradation. We’ve become so obsessed with forward motion that we seem to tend to forget about, and even disdain “old fashioned” ideas and principles. I’ve mentioned this saying before in a previous blog, but we seem to be living by the motto, “out with the old and in with the new”, whether or not the new is really “better”. The new is deemed better on the basis alone that it is…new. In this rushing process we’ve lost some fundamental concepts. I personally appreciate it when a civil gentleman gets a door for me just because I’m a woman, but in today’s modern world this is often seen as old-fashioned, and even some women are offended to be seen as “the weaker sex” and have a door opened for them. I believe this ties into the power issue. You see? I may already be ruffling some feathers….at least I’m not a man writing this. So, my point is this;  society has lost it’s direction, and purpose because we as individuals have lost our direction and purpose. Unfortunately you cannot legislate morality and respect. You can only motivate, and lead by example. The few of us that seem to be aware of this growing problem need to be conscious of this and live our lives accordingly. This is self- respecting and responsible, to live what you believe, and to live it all the way.