I was aware of cyberbullying but i did not know there were so many types out there. We all know that bullying have been around for a long time. Bullying online can take many forms just like what we can see in the real world. Harassment  against gender, race, and even education or how much knowledge one has.  Bullying was defined to be someone from school making or picking on you. But things have change today, instead of face to face bullying most of the attacking happens online. The cyber bullies ages vary, whoever has a mean thought and knows how to use the World Wide Web, they can attack their victims. Its not your basic “being mean to someone” , some attacks can be sexual too. Hotpots for cyber-bullying happens now on chat rooms, online games and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But one can prevent attacks and make their page a bully free zone. For example: Facebook. Facebook has come up with a Timeline page cover that show your history show old post and things you have done online since you’ve became a member. yes it is creepy but there are options to help you hide things you do not want others to say, especially if it will cause drama, and Facebook drama is childish and a pain.  this video show you how you can remove the timeline from your Facebook page. In my opinion the timeline is scary because it gives others who are not your friends a incite of who you personally are instead of just the basic information. If you like the timeline and only want to let others see only a little about you, there are options to fix the setting to your liking–you   can make your post public or not.