For the ones that don’t know, Call of Duty is an online multiplayer game that is most commonly played on the Xbox and the PS3 (PlayStation3). The newest version of Call of Duty, which is Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), comes with Mission Mode, Special Ops mode and of course Multiplayer. You can get online and play any of these modes with players all around the world. When you play multiplayer, you start competing against everybody all around the world and things can get really intense, racial, and abusive. Players can send you messages and tell you, “you suck” and anything else they might want to say to you. “You suck” is probably the nicest thing you’ll hear. Im just trying to keep things appropriate for class. When you have a headset you can talk smack directly to the players you are playing against and even your own teammates when they aren’t playing well,”sucking” and getting killed a lot. While you play the game and have a headset, particularly “Team DeathMatch”, you are allowed to talk to the players on your team for “Strategic Purposes” and the other team can’t hear you. When you kill somebody from the other team, they’ll be able to hear you for a good 2 seconds so you can say something to them and then they get blocked out from your team again. So the game is pretty much designed for talking s**t. The smack talking often gets racial. I’ve heard players call other players all kinds of racial slurs. Me and my friends are a perfect example. When I play with my friends we talk to each other in spanish when we play. Everything we say is in spanish and all the other players can hear us talking to each other. We’ll be minding our own business and all of a sudden well get told to go back to Mexico and even go back to work at the farms. We’ll also get called “wetbacks”, “beaners”, and other racial slurs. This just starts a huge online argument with all kinds of cussing. You can be in a “lobby” and there’ll be 12 players talking s**t to each other at the same time. You can tell that some players take everything to heart and get extremely mad. You’ll also hear all kinds of threats. I could go on and on. There was this one case that this 46 year old man actually started choking an 13 year old kid when the little kid gunned him down in the game. The kid ended up being okay but its crazy how the old mans anger was caused by Call of Duty. The link to the article is posted below. I will also provide a 2nd link where this person talks about the online Call of Duty s**t talking and racial slurs.

Old man Chokes Kid

Racial Slurs and Trash Talking