Right now there is a controversy going on at youtube and spam is one of the central issues. The controversy with the legitimacy of buying and selling video views. Companies like Yellow Thunder Media are willing to sell youtubers video views on the video of their choice, and the major way they raise view count to the desired level is by spam sharing videos through youtube. Youtubers that are for buying views say that its ok because youtube has not spoken out against it or banned the videos. In theory buying views is supposed to be like buying advertising, the hope is that is that if you buy 20,000 views on a good video that some of the people watching will enjoy  the content and become subscribers and watch all of the channels content in the future, therefore making the youtuber more money in the long term. The problem is that only a portion of people that receive shared videos from people that they don’t know watch the video and an even smaller number actually subscribe, probably only a few hundred or even a few dozen in thousands. This is why some youtubers are anti spam and buying views, they say that because a video view is bought with spam it cheapens the view because the viewer did not seek out the video because it was of interest to them but because it was forced upon them, and they blame view buying for Youtube’s comparatively low dollar per view number composition rate, its rumored to be around three dollars per thousand view. Right now I think that there is not a lot that can be done about view buying, until Youtube comes out either for or against it. I don’t think that buying views is necessarily cheating like some do and its generally easy to spot when a video with bought views goes viral, as its comments and likes will be disproportional  to its video views.


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